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Things You Can Do to Get Your Home Ready for Showing

While home showing isn't hard to do effectively in order to find a buyer, you can do a few things to increase the chances of your home selling. Two crucial factors, first impressions and human nature, determine your home's success of selling. You probably know how much first impressions count because all that follows is measured against that, but for human nature, it is like selling anything because emotions are powerful in the selling process. Work on creating a positive impact on the buyer's emotions and that will help you.

Clear all the walkways on your property. All you have to do is sweep them so there is nothing on them like leaves or trash, etc. Sweep away dirt as well. Don't go overboard by having new walkways put in; your walkways may look old, but you can make them look presentable. A quick spray with your garden hose will do the trick, and if needed, you can give them a light scrubbing. You can create a positive effect on buyers by adding potted flowers or some decorative element on your walkways. Spruce up the shrubs around your property if you have any. Just make sure your front lawn looks well kept; you don't want to give prospective buyers the impression that you don't care about how your exterior looks. Take time to trim down the shrubs and bushes that are growing close to your house. You need to make sure that trees, shrubs, and any other landscaping elements are not blocking the sun from shining through the windows. It's important to have unrestricted natural light in your home because the effect is positive on your visitors.

Any time a home showing is in progress, make little to no contact at all with your guests. Of course, this tip doesn't apply if you're selling your home without a realtor, or if you have a realtor, your realtor isn't around. In that case, be friendly and warm without going overboard. It's also important that you don't negotiate with a buyer unless you're selling your home on your own. Let your realtor do the negotiating because he or she knows exactly how to deal with buyers and get the best price for your home. But what if a buyer is insistent? All you can do is be polite and tell them that it's your realtor who can answer those questions.

If this is your first time home showing, you need to take care of your home's front exterior. If you can go all out then your efforts and money spent will be worth it. It is the curb appeal that hooks so many buyers and that is what you want to do. Your home's curb appeal is what will make potential buyers want to step inside your home and hopefully make an offer.
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